You don't look depressed to me

You don't look depressed to me...

Depression looks like not being able to sleep through the night

Depression looks like crying first thing in the morning

Depression looks like low energy and being tired

Depression looks like isolating yourself because it makes you feel safe

Depression looks like isolating yourself because you feel like a burden to everyone in your life

Depression looks like isolating yourself because you just want to know if you’re gone, people will notice...

Depression looks like gaslighting yourself at every opportunity

Depression looks like thinking and speaking negatively about yourself

Depression looks like showing up to work, on Zoom, and having to turn your camera off every now and then to cry

Depression looks like you not being yourself

Depression looks like going over every negative or hurtful thing someone has said to you and letting it eat you alive

Depression is not caring enough or having the energy to shower or cook or leave the house... leave your room

Depression looks like my parents seeing me visibly not okay and me telling them I’m fine or I’m tired because I don’t want them to worry and I don’t want to cry

Depression looks like crying every day

Depression looks like getting your work done but not being able to handle human interaction

Depression looks like I’m perfectly okay because I’ve learned how to appear high functioning and pretty much gotten down masking

Depression looks like drinking myself to sleep just so I know I’ll sleep, just so I can numb myself, just so I don’t dream or have nightmares

Depression looks like me writing this at 6am on a Saturday because I can’t sleep...because I’m depressed

Depression feels like someone is standing on my chest and agonizing heartache at once

Depression feels like a demon trying to steal my light

Depression looks like me not helping myself and wallowing in my misery

Depression looks like me not answering texts or phone calls

Depression looks like me deactivating my social media accounts and disappearing

Depression looks like ordering delivery 3 times in a day

Depression looks like not all, to the point of losing a dangerous amount of weight

Depression looks like eating too much... and gaining a dangerous amount of weight

Depression looks like wanting to feel physical pain because the emotional pain is so much worse

Depression feels like you literally have a dark rainy cloud over you at all times

Depression feels like nothing will ever get better

Depression looks like lies and tricks

Depression looks like something I have not something I am

Depression looks like you, or me, or them, or quite literally anyone

Depression looks like a loser, and I’m a winner

WE are winners

by Brendel Mitchell

If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text TALK to 741741 at the Crisis Text Line

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